Our goofy dogs


Love Golden’s. They’re such nice, friendly dogs.


Nothing will wake up our bulldog when he is asleep, making him very useful as a pillow if you are a small boy.



Bee safe this Halloween!


Can you send these two pollinators my way next spring please? :grin:


Halloween Dogs II 2017-10-31


I think you meant pawlinators…


That was very good!!! Actually made me laugh out loud… I’m still laughing as I type…


Yep, this is exactly what I meant, spelling is not my best subject :grin:.


At my cottage I have about 50 yards of leaves to move each fall, I feel the pain. It took me 5 hours to do the backyard. My dog wasn’t helping much laying in the piles, watching me work!


Oh, the indignity:


here is derby, always just a few steps from me in the house or in the yard. I think he understands as many words as my grandkids and definitely listens better, lol.


This couch is sooooo comfy …


So I was in the backyard this afternoon when I noticed that one of our dogs, most likely Shadow, our border collie/boxer mix, had been digging near my passion fruit vine. I saw something half buried, it looked like it might be a half rotted leather chew bone, or something. So I grabbed a piece and pulled. It wasn’t a half rotted bone, but a half rotted rat! I had grabbed it’s moldy tail. There was even a worm coming out of it. Yuck! The stupid dog must have caught the rat some time ago and buried it, then dug it up this afternoon when it began to smell interesting.
Needless to say, I mouthed a few bad words, cleaned up, then used a plastic bag to pick up and toss the carcass.
The good news, one less rat in the yard.



Looks like they had fun on their Easter hunt!


Shadow, our border collie - boxer mix above Poway Lake last weekend. I think she’s wondering why we stopped.


I would think a border collie/boxer mix would NEVER want to stop!!


Shadow doesn’t, whether it’s hunting rabbits/mice/lizards in the backyard, or pulling me up the mountain, she just wants to ‘Go’. I often see her atop the wood pile, or a bush, looking for her prey. When we first moved into the house, there was a 5’6" wooden fence around the backyard. If she was in the back and we were in front, headed to a friend’s house or something, she’d jump over to join us. It was old and eventually blew down, the new 6’ fence has kept her from visiting. She also likes getting up on the furniture - not necessarily the couch seat, but to walk along the back of it. She’ll also hurdle it to chase a ball or tackle our other, much suffering doggie.

Some words we cannot use around the house if we want peace and quiet: Go, Walk, Run, Outside, No. If I put on anything vaguely like workout clothes, she’s all over me. The dejection she show’s when I say that I’m not going out is immense.

She’s very smart (maybe not as smart as a pure-bred border collie), but it’s tough to get a lot past her.

A great dog who has not slowed down a bit in the past 6.5 years.


My dog is the same way.