Our goofy dogs


My two darlings, Gunther and Minka, siblings from the same litter! Very dramatic and needy dogs! Gunther wakes my dad up every morning by howling and then leading him to the kitchen to share a banana!


Dog thy name is cat!


Nice dogs. My in-laws also have Rotts, funny thing is one of them is also called Gunther, or as their grandkids usually call him, Gunna.

They are very boisterous dogs, they almost knock me over when they greet me.


my blue healer / border collie is very smart as well with loads of personality! she holds conversations with me that eirilly sounds like words. she makes friends with other dogs and herds the other 2 dogs and the cat around the house. i had hunting breeds all my life but im sold on herding dogs. she is so sensitive that if she does something wrong, just a look from Sharon or me, is punishment enough.


Yes the herding dogs are very different from hunting dogs. Nothing wrong with hunting dogs, I just prefer the nonaggression even caring characteristics of the herding dogs. They can be aggressive, bad personalities do exist. But the good ones are remarkable. I was thinking of trying a smaller breed as I’m getting too old to play with big dogs. I can’t move like I used to.


My dog is very chicken.


Thank you :smile: very boisterous dogs indeed! My Gunther is a lapdog at 140 lbs! Such a sweet and odd one. We call Minka the melty one, she will collapse into your arms on the couch or at your feet for a tummy rub the moment you give her attention.



My best friend is up for the summer from college, Gunther had to get on her lap the moment he saw her!


Pretty dog!


Thank you so much.


Shadow guarding the garden from those dastardly rabbits:



Miss Violet makes me laugh every day, Love her so much!


Hot weather. I did an additional soak on each fruit tree for the hot weather. While waiting for timer on last tree, the Saturn peach, Pooki showed up at the back door… time was up for soaking! I need to reconsider my method and just run the installed irrigation late at night.


While going through life, take time to stop and lay down by the roses. :slight_smile:


3 days of diagnostics, 1 hour of surgery, $8k in services, and 1 peach pit later: Simeon is doing just fine!



Get well - both of you :grinning:


Naughty boy!!! Glad he is okay!!!



Oh my…our critters are very expensive. I try to watch most everything that my dog might eat. Richard, so sorry for your dog and Wallet. Holy cow.!


It is amazing what we will cough up to save one of our babies. My dachshund had to have cervical laminectomy last year. It didn’t take me long to come up with a financial solution while looking at those pitiful little eyes. I said I’d never do it but just another instance of “never say never”. I’ve not regretted it.