Our Slice of Heaven

Looks like my hair-brained idea of putting in a small orchard is turning out rather well. Here’s some pictures of progress so far. Eight trees in so far from the water to the street Goldrush on G-11, Enterprise on G-41, Liberty on G-16, Zestar! on G-11, Encore on Guardian 520-9, Gloria on Lovell, Redhaven on Lovell, Sugar May on Guardian 520-9.

Small order from Orange Pippen. Order from Adams County Nursery. All planted and pruned.

Well done, Al. See you’re from S. Maryland. I lived in Columbia for 3 years. Very lovely. I really like Maryland. You got weather, but not really horrid weather like zone 5 (N. Indiana) weather. Although some of the ice storms could be pretty wicked. Maryland was so green and beautiful. We loved going down to Annapolis to visit my husband’s cousin, who was teaching at the Naval Academy down there at the time. Really enjoyed walking through old downtown Annapolis. It was like taking a trip back in time to the 1700’s. That, and Fell’s Point, MD, too. So cool.

Patty S.

Congratulations! Sounds like you put thought into what you wanted and studied how to get them off to a good start. You have much to look forward to.

I don’t think they did that this year. Instead they brought their samples to the All About Fruit Show. They had sorbets, gelato and juice made from such fruits as pawpaw, honeyberry and seaberries as well as fresh persimmons and other fruits to taste directly.