Out in the orchard this morning

Early peach varieties are in full bloom


Beautiful! Up here the apricots are still dormant and the cottonwoods are just showing the first signs of swelling, but the birds have started singing and the geese are starting to pair up. I don’t know if I can stand the wait, but I guess I’ll have to.

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Sigh. High of 26F today and nothing warmer til next week. Something to look forward to.

Beautiful!!! What a sight! Our snow on the ground is not that pretty. You make me want Spring tomorrow! Beautifully pruned too.

Temp here is 20 degrees with a windchill feeling about 10 degrees. So far everything is still dormant with no swelling that I have noticed. I hope Phil was right about an early spring.

That’s always been my favorite time of year. Everything is bursting with promise and potential. Not even the challenges and threats to harvest that seem to piggyback on one another as the seasons progress can erase the memories of joy that I feel when surrounded by fruit trees which, like debutantes, are decked in the finery of their blooms, beckoning to the young generation of bees which cannot resist their allures.


Your trees are gorgeous! You give us something to hold on to until spring comes our way! Thanks!

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Wow! Stunning colors. Good times!

You are 2 months ahead of me. It is freezing here in Md today.

I :heart: seeing the pictures. What I don’t :heart: Is the -11 temp projected for this weekend, - 28 with windchill.

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Lovely. I know someone in AZ who is looks like they’re going to have lots of thinning to do. :grin:


Nice, we’re below zero right now!

LOTS of thinning. But ive got this video in my head of this guy in Missouri that will guide me. lol

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Ever tried a baseball bat for thinning young peaches?


What peach is that that is so stunning?

Muddy as a person who does some writing that post was awsome! So well put.

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These rows are flordia prince and eves prides. They along with early grande are our earliest peaches, we have many others that are still dormant or a week or two behind these.

No kidding!

I have never tried it, but I understand some commercial growers in my state use baseball bats or PVC pipe for the first thinning pass when fruit set is very high. I spoke with one grower who uses a toilet brush on a PVC handle to remove some of the blooms on the underside of the branches to reduce his thinning labor.

Hope to test several of these methods this year if my peaches survive the frost.

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Thats some extreme stuff! lol I can see it being a little therapeutic too. I think we will stick to hand thinning. :slight_smile: Tho its going to be a MAJOR chore this year.

Eric is chemical thining an option. I have heard that some of the commercial growers in the Texas Hill Country do this. Man I would love to see videos of the baseball bat method!

Im sure chemical thinning is a decent option on large operations but I wouldnt use it here. Too imprecise. I dont just want a reduction in fruitlets, I want a elimination of doubles and correct spacing, thats something that chemicals cant do.

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