Out of town, grow light usage

I’m going out of town for about 3 days and haven’t gotten a timed grow light. I’m being in my citrus plants and apricot seedlings (just sprouted, probably won’t survive the winter), but my question is:

Would it be better to leave the grow light ON for those 3 days, or keep them dark the whole time?

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Depends on the color temperature and total power of the grow lights.

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Imgur: The magic of the Internet this is the grow light in question. If I did leave it on it would be on the lowest setting 25%

Keep the lights on unless that will cause the plants to dry out too much.

But either way the plants will be fine. I’d be more concerned about water.

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A search on “vivosun” “led-100” does not turn up any specific products.

There are plenty of inexpensive outlet timers you can use to take the devices lack of control out of the equation.

Just search amazon or somewhere for outlet timer or outlet cycle programmer.

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I started some English walnut seedlings inside this year under a 100w led grow light and a timer. They did well, so I’m pretty confident that it would work for you as well. For 3 days though, I don’t know if it would be worth the money. If you have a patch of floor that gets some sun during the day it would probably be enough.

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Thank you! I actually did find one, I think I got it from one of the grow tent suppliers when I got my grow tent stuff.