Out spraying after work today (12jun18), Can u see the CAR? Anything I can spray to keep it in check? It makes my Pixie Crunches less than perfect. Ignore the old rotten blossom petals stuck to ‘em


Non organic, use myclobutanil.

Doesnt appear to be on the fruit and at this point of the year you are likely past the infection window. It doesnt spread within the tree, has to come directly from the spores released by the cedars. If it were mine I wouldnt bother to treat it this year.


Would treating now keep the cedars from being infected, break the cycle?

Only if your trees are the only host for a couple of miles, which is highly unlikely.

I’m going to follow your lead Turkey and not get after it with something else. I’m now noticing the spray on those apples looks thick, its not, but it sure looks that way.

Just curious what was that spray? Insecticide? What kind?

Actually fungicide and insecticide, Captan and Imidan Wettable Powder at 1.5 Tablespoons per gallon.

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