Outskirts of Phoenix is seeing some crazy chill numbers this year

Your sense of humor is so decade-ant. :smile:

Sorry, but I try.

HAHAHAH! Not that Iโ€™d ever want to live to 600+, lol!! Okay, how about โ€œ6th decadeโ€?? Egad. This, apparently, is what happens when you REACH your 6th decade - your mental faculties become questionable.

And yes, he was the best of the best of his generation. Decorated (Navy Cross) and brave, funny and fearless. He probably forgot more than I will ever know, he was so brilliant. He had over 200 people at his funeral, we packed the church in Tennessee, standing room only, out the door. People flew in from around the world, all his surviving Sigma Chi brothers were there, and I had him piped out. He was very proud of being a Fraser. I am the woman I am today, because of the father and man he was. :angel:


You donโ€™t look a day over 500!