Owari Satsuma Mandarin

I bought this Owari by mail order from phoenix perennials in July. It got repotted and sat not doing a thing. It’s finally growing but putting out flowers. I’ll wait to see if there are any leaves before I chop them all off.

Dec 4


I bought mine in May. It initially dropped a bunch of leaves, put out flowers and surprising 1 set! Still only 2 ft tall. Maybe get out your paintbrush on a sunny day. Looks healthy!

Citrus will tend to abort any fruit it can not support so generally does not need thinning of fruit or removal of flowers.


cdamarjian, wow you already have a fruit congrats. It’ll be up to a year before I let any fruit set on this little thing lol! there’s lots of tother citrus blooming and fruiting.

Isaac-1 - Usually yes they will fall off. I want all energy going into producing leaves and branches.