Paducah Apple-

Is anyone growing Paducah apple? My grafts are years from fruiting but trees show good disease resistance here zone 7b but before I graft a whole lot more of it would like to hear from different folks how it tastes. Is it more tart or more sweet. Is it crisp? Better eaten fresh or cooked. ANY information appreciated.

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Did you ever get any apples from the Paducah apple tree? If so how were they?

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Yes I did last year. The apple was crunchy, mildly sweet, not going to win any prizes unless it improves as the tree matures. The tree was remarkably blight free, which is quite something around here. Tree and fruit did well with my no-spray approach.


You are exactly right, sometimes an apple can get better as the tree gets a little more maturity. I try and overlook an apple taste the first 3 or so years it is producing fruit. I hate to buy an apple tree that produces so-so apples. I can buy so-so tasting apples at the store. The fact it has been blight free is a big plus. I try to find apples that I do not have to be constantly spraying to try to get any decent apples to eat and use from the tree.

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How is its storage life?

Has it continued doing well for you?

Glad you revived this thread. I would like to know how the apple is doing as well.

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Where did you get your tree. I am looking for thos variety

@Rodgerw From this TN nursery:

Paducah is close to bulletproof.

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Did the apple get any better , taste wise, after the first year it fruited?

Don’t know as Paducah lives at a distant farm but I might visit and see.

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