Pakistan Mulberry 2

Hello, my property is wide open in may places, temps can easily get down into the low 20s and Ive been told that it can get infrequently lower, I planted a large tree too late last fall, this winters low 20s wiped it out but thankfully I have many new sprouts emerging from the base that are now becoming quite large. Is this gonna happen every year? I understand that many of you prob have a tree in a micro climate environment but that isnt my case.

How low of temps does your tree survive in the wide open?

Ive read that Pakistan is the only one that can be cold touchy? I hope this is the case cause I have 4-6 other varieties that Ive planted and am hoping for positive results from.

I can’t speak to what other varieties may be susceptible to winter freeze-out, but the late Dr. A.J. Bullard, who was for years (decades?) the NAFEx Southern mulberry interest group chairman advocated that those of us who attempted to grow Pakistan in zones colder than z8 should plant it with graft union below ground level, so that when (not if) it got frozen back, it could regrow from the scion variety, and not just the rootstock.
The original ‘Pakistan’ mulberry imported to the USA was selected at Islamabad, where the lowest recorded temperature was 28F, so it has little, if any, innate ‘cold-hardiness’.
I had Pakistan for a number of years here, just north of the KY/TN line… it froze to the ground every winter, and re-grew as much as 10 ft in height most years… but never fruited. I finally removed it and replaced it with something that could survive and fruit here.

Thank you, Im in 9A

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I have one that has done well for 3-4 years now. Has not died back to the ground, but still has not fruited yet. It is a machine when it comes to growth though.

Both of our Pakistan mulberries froze in our 10°F event last Winter. D