Pakistan Mulberry in Zone 7 possible? (+ trying & growing PawPaws, Persimmons etc.)


Hi Marvin, Zone 7 is marginal for the Pakistan Mulberry. It will definitely be threatened unless protected. Even in zone 8 it is not uncommon for a tree to be killed. Once they get older they can survive much colder temps. It is definitely a Morus Alba.


Let us hope that it is the real thing.
I accidentally, and luckily found one russian site, and thanks to google translator, went to a LOT of other sites…by good, they have a treasure trove there! They sell regulary, and in many orchards, cultivars that are huge and hardy. I thinks black baroness was one (of course translated in russian), that is apparently Morus nigra that can take sometimes -30 celsius. Or it is a M. alba with a large black fruit.
Nevertheless, now I have to figure out how to buy plants from russia without customs entirely stopping me :slight_smile:


Name of Russian site?


Here some knowledge on some cultivars:
And for example here they are sold:

Thanks to modern technology I can translate automatically all these pages, makes the reading easier :slight_smile:


Hi Marvin, how did your mulberries (Pakistan, Saharanpur) survive the winter (temps around 0 F)?

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Hey there!

It seems like the Pakistan mulberry survived the coldest day in February where it had around -15°C / 4°F

Iam curious if it will survive our spring weather.

My Saharanpur is still in a pot and i would like to keep it there.

Yes, i sent you a PM.


Thanks for the update. For now it seems that Pakistan in zone 7 is possible. :slight_smile:


Problem may be more about low chill requierment than hardiness


Pakistan is low chill. It grows and fruits very well in Miami Florida.


Yesterday at the Fruit and Spice Park in the Redlands near Homestead in South Florida


The park is such a neat place to visit!




I was there today and the plants look okay.

Also pruned our fig tree and collected some cuttings.

Variety is unknown and proven to be hardy for 25-30 years.

I hope that i can keep a few for myself ^^


Finally my 3 Pakistan mulberry bark grafted to wild mulberry under stocks fruited this year. Can’t wait to a good harvest. Thanks Raf for the scions.



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Seems like my Pakistan mulberry survived the spring, but it died back quite a bit.

Iam going to protect it more the next winter.

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Pretty soon you’ll be sick of them…or not :grinning:


My PM fruits are about ready to harvest in a few days.



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Hey do your Pakistan Mulberry stain or not? I have found conflicting information on these plants some say they do some say they don’f.