Pakistan Mulberry Source?


I have lost all 3 Pakistan I have tried to cold in Zone 7a



That is not a good news for me.
I may dig one of the small wild mulberry put it in a 15 gallon pot and graft it for insurance.



I really admire your confidence about grafting different things.Is the success rate usually fairly high? Brady



I used almost 95% Bark graft these days on all my trees with about 95% success and the other 5% was Cleft graft. I followed Lucky Pittman advice by maximizing the cambium exposure by making a small cut on both side of the scion plus a small back cut on the back bottom of the scion. I think Lucky got the method from Joel Real years ago. I also used the IV Tegaderm water proof from 3M to seal the union so no moisture loss then black electrical tape to wrap the union tightly.



Joe Real got it from UC Davis ANR.


I have the will to help my friend get a pakistan mulberry, but I can not find scions(I looked on the internet and asked some people already). If there are any of you that you might have, or to be able to direct me to where I can find them?