Paradis Sparkling Apple Scionwood

Hello Everyone! I’m starting to collect some heirloom and unique apples for our orchard here in PA. Does anyone know where I can find the Paradis sparkling apple here in the States? It’s an apple from Lubera’s breeding program that “fizzes” when you bite into it. Supposedly an ugly apple, so it has no commercial potential, but I like that fizzing oddity aspect. I’ve reached out to Lubera and got squat for answers. If anyone knows any leads please don’t hesitate to pm me. Thank you and hope everyone is staying safe during such crazy times!


@derekamills has just grafted it and will offer scionwood eventually, but it’s likely to be several years before he’ll have enough growth to do so.


apparently some envelopes sail through customs and nobody ever notices…


I get what you’re saying @BlueBerry wink wink :wink:. I figured that might be the case looks like I need to make some friends in the UK :joy::man_facepalming:.

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I actually made contact about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago with Marcus Kobelt at Lubera.
Inquiring about getting trees or scionwood of the ‘Redloves’.

I was told they were not available yet in the United States.

So, :slight_smile: I replied…".I already have two of them ", I wanted some more! And the conversation ended.


I would love an apple that fizzed and also think we should research it and find why it fizzes. That is supercool I would imagine its cells are fermenting on the vine?

This is why i wish they made it easier to just have a link to donate for royalty trees you somehow got or want to support more of. Also why we need our governments to work with other governments in virus identification and quarantine programs because its like everything else people do not like (drugs, prostitution etc…) is some people do and will find a way or you can just get amazon to go and break all the quarantine rules anyways.

Lets make things easier so people are not encouraged to break quarantines.