Paulk Muscadine


Does anyone know where I can buy this new variety?

Any other recommended muscadine varieties or grapes that do well near Dallas, Texas?

Any other fruit vines worth growing in my part of Texas? Tree space is pretty much taken, but I have plenty of fence space for some vines.


Says it’s hardier than Supreme but is there any chance this could work in 6A


Where can this variety be purchased? I live in New Mexico. Thank you.


It looks like GA 6-2-26 was released as Paulk. There is a possibility it was another numbered line.

From what I can see, Ison’s is trying to get starts this year. Paulk vinyards has bearing vines as part of the trial.


Bottoms Nursery is usually one of the first to offer the UGA releases.


I guess it is just too new to be out this growing season.


I spoke with Greg Ison today and was told that he will ship me one vine of Paulk which should arrive in a week or so. It will be about 20 inches tall and will require babying to get through winter. He stated that he has set aside a couple hundred Paulk vines for individual sales. I can’t say if he will ship any more this year, but if you want a vine, you should be able to get them next fall.


Just an FYI to folks. It looks like Ison’s has Paulk for sale now. Unfortunately, I have entirely too many vines now to go buying another.


And that price includes shipping


I would also like to have Paulk mainly due to it being self fruitful. If you review the ison spec sheet it doesn’t appear to be any better quality fruit than Supreme or Black Beauty. One item stood out to me on the down side was the brix level of only 19. This is only based on my opinion but you might be better off with S or BB.


Yes but it is self fertile. I have supreme and I love it. I have what is supposed to be BB but I think not because it is average. I neede another sel fertile to put on this trellis with supreme.


I’m convinced Ison is the best self fertile available at this time. Time will tell with Paulk. Perhaps it will beat Ison. Perhaps not.

Here is a list of self fertile varieties worth taking a look at.

|Granny Val|Bronze|Very Late|Large|
|Nesbitt|Purple|Midseason/ Late|Large|
|Southern Jewel|Purple|Early|Large|
|Late Fry|Bronze|Late|Very Large|


Just got my