Paw Paw Hunting


I am from Serbia :wink:


Nice work, brother. :grinning:

When you said pawpaws are hardy I was looking at the background and thinking you were in Vietnam or some rain forest looking jungle. Thatโ€™s what peaked all this.



Ate the last pawpaw of the season yesterday; have been eating and freezing back pulp for several weeks now. Have not really looked at any of the wild natives around the farm, but the half-dozen named-parentage seedlings, with several different cultivars grafted in, growing alongside the driveway, had a pretty decent crop again, this year.
Persimmons are just about done, as well.
After a really slow start this spring - and very light crops set on almost everything here except oaks and nut trees - most fruit has ripened way earlier than normal.


Dad found a pawpaw growing on his land this week. He picked one and when we went and visited this evening mom and I tried it. I tried one many years ago but it was not ripe. I enjoyed this one , mild flavor of custard , hint of sweet.


@tonyOmahaz5 Iโ€™m about two and half hours north of omaha and am wanting to plant a few pawpaw trees in the spring. I was wondering have you had any issues losing grafted trees over the winter? Iโ€™ve looked at some old threads a while back and it seems like grafted pawpaws are less hardy than seedlings in borderline zones, which your location is probably not so borderline. Also, would you recommend Shenandoah and mango over the others for someone who probably has 2 weeks less ripening time? Not sure how much less I would actually have compared to you, just a guess.