Paw paw selection

What would you suggest as the best Paw Paw to grow in the Seattle area? I’m interested in hardiness here, large fruit and most flavorful fruit.

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Seems like they’d love all your rain, shouldn’t be any problem with cold hardiness as they’ll take sub zero. My fav’s are KSU Chappelle, KSU Atwood and Susquehanna. Be sure to plant several varieties for pollination and about 12 feet apart.

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I’m growing a few.Kentucky Champion(which hasn’t fruited yet) and Overleese produced a few,that were small.
One thing to consider,is that this area doesn’t get the heat,that the Pawpaw are native in.So,early ripening varieties like,Allegheny,Summer Delight,VE-21,Prince Caspian and Halvin,may do better.
@Vincent_8B grows them and may add something useful.


Go for something early season since you’re probably limited by heat units.


You will need to grow them much closer for any chances of cross pollination. This year we tested our sunflower and prolific that are 8’ apart. We have zero fruits! Last year we hand pollinated and obtained about a dozen fruits! So keep that in mind, my trees have NC 1, KSU and Atwood grafts so even that did not cross pollinate this year. I concluded we absolutely need to hand pollinate each year to get any fruit sets
Kent wa

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Yes, that’s what I was thinking I should do.

Thanks for the list.

Dennis, I’ve seen a lot of people indicate that, but get really confused by what happened to me. I only had two Rebecca Gold crosses and only one blossomed for about three years in a row, no pollinator and it produced lots of fruit. !!! ??? So what do we do with that?

I don’t know the variety but if it happens to be crossed with another self fertile variety, then it is most likely self fertile. My Sunflower is self fertile but not our fruit this year since we decided to skip hand pollination.
There is an insect pollinator-house fly, so maybe you had some of those around. Some members hand spoiling meat in the tree to attract pollinators. I may try that next year since they are a pain to pollinate.

So, some are self fertile, I had never heard that. I’m wondering if it was a fly. I don’t seem to have much fruit this year, which is the first year I haven’t. Spoiling meat doesn’t sound fun but fruit is pretty important. Would that attract any unwanted animals?

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I have successfully fruited Danaes Creekside and Shenandoah here in Seattle area. Shenandoah is very vigorous and extremely productive so it is highly recommended beyond all the harder to find ones.

I am pretty sure Allegheny will make it too. And many others. Surprisingly I have not found heat units to be that limiting for atleast the early varieties.

If Shenandoah is very vigorous and productive what about it’s flavor. Anyone have a favorite flavored early one?

Flavor is highly subjective especially with pawpaws.

I thought I liked the intense flavored ones but now realize they make me sick.
Shenandoah is one of the mildest flavored varieties. I’m glad I planted that one.

Before you plant a pawpaw tree make sure you really like the flavor. Personally, I cannot eat more than one in a single day. I’m certainly not the only one who feels that way.

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Allegany won a big tasting against 15 or so other varieties and I’ve heard several people say it’s perfectly balanced in flavors. Also early.

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Thanks so much, I’ll note that.

Thanks. I can eat 5 or 6 at a single sitting and more later in the day. (Two Rebecca Gold cross trees) But they seem rather mild and plain to me, so maybe my body can handle something stronger.

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Sunflower, Prima, and Sundog are purported self fertile varieties. Brady’s list is good for early fruit. There are some others that should be available in the near future which are supposed to be early ripening.

Thanks, I’m hoping to buy one more tree in a few months. These lists really help!

I am in Tacoma, myself. Where are you guys ordering your trees from? I have a couple planted at my parent’s house that I got years ago but only one flowers. Now i have a hard time even finding seedlings.