PAWPAW Conference



Hi I was just going through my emails
(looking through documents )

I got that as well, I am not sure if I am going
Are you going to?
but actually going through old emails
been reading some of these older news letters

Looks to be some great info inside these news letters

I didn’t know Pittsburg have a pawpaw feast (2016 or 2017)

Here are some more here
(but looks like they are not this year)

  • National Clonalgermplasm Repository(NCCR)
    in Corvallis,OR Oregon Pawpaw Regional Variety Trial -

North American Pawpaw Growers Association

Pike town Ohio I thought that was in Wilmington OHio

Didn’t they always have it there
I’ve never been it seems like it is always in Wilmington on the older news letters (

(I may have actually knew of Pittsburg pawpaw fest
(I remember drawing a map to visit , but all those states are so close, and never went ,
but been to another one in that direction or at least attempted.
(took a local train from Washington DC. to Maryland
with fold up bicycle fun time living that though.)

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I don’t think I’ll be going. This is something I’ve always thought about however, seems to be other projects during that time.

Pike county seems to be 50 miles from Columbus, and 60 from Cincinatti

I think I changed my plans I might go now , but not because of location

My Sister asked if I’d cut my days off (so no whole week off )

By the
There is a cheap Bus all over Ohio even in Amish town
(or small towns you wouldn’t expect a bus to go )

Called the ride go bus Learned of it at pawpaw fest ''18 bucks 100’s of miles.

Not 100 percent positive I will be going , but I might
I looked at the calendar I could just take day off,
and then fly maybe to New Orleans to see friends

(I did not realize It was a Thursday, and I could change up days off or work extra now.)

Or I could just skip, and stay whole week in New Orleans Instead

I will mostly want to go to meet other pawpaw people
or I could always use more resources to buy bulk seeds .

I will let you know what I decide

I could take a visit shortly as I think I could find cheap air fare
(but not going to rent a car as probably just plan to fly out afterwards
which sucks sometimes in the moment
I’d like to stay but already had a flight/train out –
southwest lets you cancel no charge sometimes the one extra day can be a fun time,
but I guess I could insure it for $20, but not to sure on that process (to much)
I have canceled a day in advance but that means making a commitment of staying a day extra , and cutting in time with friends, …)

Here below it lists the schedule

Conference Schedule
8:30 a.m . Registration and breakfast
9:00 a.m. Welcome
9:15 a.m. What the Ohio Pawpaw Growers Association Does for You
9:30 a.m. Wondrous Wild Pawpaws: Production and Growth of Native Stands
10:30 a.m. Break
10:45 a.m. Strategic Roadmap for Pawpaws: From Principles to Practical Applications
11:45 a.m. Pawpaw Fruit Quality: Its Components, Determinants, and Importance to Growers, Processors and Consumers
12:15 p.m. Lunch and networking, view research posters and displays,pawpaw taste testing in kitchen area
1:00 p.m. Wagon tours/grafting demonstrations
3:00 p.m. Dismissal