Pawpaw Ripening Charts

Does anyone keep good notes on when each cultivar they have is ripe? Feel like compiling a general list to share, including your geographic location and zone for reference?

We have great charts available for many other fruits in the reference section of the forum but nothing I saw for pawpaws. I know that ripening patterns vary based on climate conditions as with other fruit, but there seems to be a general consensus on early /mid/late for many cultivars.

If we get fairly reasonable data together, I’d be happy to put together an excel spreadsheet with a ripening order based on region /zone/etc, whichever seems to be more influential on variations in the order (if it’s significant).

As I don’t have firsthand experience yet, all I would be able to offer on this topic currently is others reports. I’ll put together the start of a list based on that information soon if that helps the process.