Pawpaw Seeds - Stratified - Good Genetics

After filling as many pots a possible, I have extra Pawpaw seeds. They have been cold stored since Oct. and they are showing a good germination rate. I can send out 10-100 or more. I have KSU, Jerry Lehman (last chance since he just passed away), Peterson and Powell. I also have some seeds from early ripening varieties. Growing from seeds is easy. If you haven’t done it before, I will include instructions. Feel free to DM me with your interests.


Thanks for sharing the wealth! Pawpaws are really easy to start from seed! I have 350+ waiting to be transplanted into individual pots
since I crammed the seed all together into 3 and 5 gal pots. Lehmans big girl, ksu Atwood, lehmans open pollinated.
I hear size is a highly transmissible trait.

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Thank you so much. I still have seeds available.