Pawpaw sun burn?

Two of my four pawpaws are getting black along the edges of their leaves. Is this sun burn or something else? These are my two most shaded pawpaws, the ones in full sun are looking a lot more healthy!

Has it been windy recently? My trees look like that if the young leaves get flapped around in a windstorm too long.

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No not too much wind as of late. The next day all four of my pawpaws were showing signs of it but now they all seem to be recovering. Growth hasn’t slowed down so I’m hoping it was nothing major.

I agree it looks like mechanical damage of some sort. Were these recent acquisitions? Sun burn will often affect large areas of leaf surface.

Two of them have only been in the ground for about a month. The other two have been I’m the ground for a little over a year.

I don’t think it’s sunburn. Could it be they were waterlogged?
Sometimes I see weird leaf issues on mine and they just grow out of it like you said may be happening.