PC and EAS hit quick here in Northern VA!

My trees have fruitlets that are about 1/4" diameter or smaller. Petals have just dropped. As I was thinning fruitlets and bagging some this evening, I noticed what appear to be a number of plum curculio and European apple sawfly hits already. Even if I would have wanted to spray in the last two weeks, I couldn’t have done it because of weather issues and other commitments. Oh, well. I’lll get a spray in this weekend, and I’ll bag a couple hundred apples. I’ll also get a couple pics and upload them for y’all to enjoy.

Anybody else seeing hits already?

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I noticed curc egg laying on some plums about 10 days ago. Stink bugs too.

I’ve had a lot of curc hits on my Chickasaw plums. Fortunately I’ve got a very heavy fruit set, so the curc hit plums are just the first to be thinned

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