PC on Apple

I’m fairly certain I’ve got PC damage on my Apple. I bought surround but for some reason, I was thinking I’d only need that on stone fruits. Not the case! (Not sure where I got that idea)

Anyway, fruit is dime sized. Worth it to spray at this point or try again next year? Also, what can I look for when I cut the fruit open to be sure? I assume there’s an egg or larvae in there. Couldn’t find useful pictures with a quick Google search.

PC love apples. In fact this year I have much more apple than plum damage. At dime size it is right at the end so I would probably just wait until next year.

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If I don’t spray Surround past a dime size, I will get PC damage on apples and particularly peaches. I saw it on my peaches at thumb size one year. It may depends on a location re. when the first and second waves of PC would do damage to fruit.

Also, I continue to spray Surround because I do have several generations of OFM.

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I also keep spraying Surround, just not for PC as the bites go to almost nothing beyond dime size. I am at dime size now and not noticing any new bites recently. Both stinkbugs and moths are hindered with Surround. I spray it on apples and peaches through the summer, but not at the intensity of PC season.

I don’t think Surround helps a huge amount with OFM, the viruses and Bt are more potent. So it is mainly for the stinkers that I am keeping spraying it.


Scott, I need to go back and study up on your spray guide!

Looks like a little over half the apples have damage. It’s a giant tree so I should still get some decent fruit if I manage correctly from here on out.