Peach and Plum ravaged by pests in 7a

I’m on the brink of cutting down all my stone fruit. I made it through the late freeze. Had great fruit set. Lost all the plums to bugs. Now the peaches are brown rotting and that is with me trying my best to spray. Might just plant more blackberries since they are bullet proof for me. 5 years I’ve been trying and can remember eating 1 nectarine and 1 plum. Not worth it for me anymore. 30 minute drive and I can get some fresh at a commercial orchard.

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Maybe ask the orchard people how they deal with those

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My peach and plum are gone. Just don’t want the headache and expense.

My family are fans of jujube, to know that they do well here is great news. I just got a “LI” jujube and it seem to be adapting well.

Thanks again for everyone’s help!!!


I have been having luck bagging entire plum trees and cherry bushes with insect barrier netting.

Of course this isn’t a perfect solution but I have been succeeding in getting some pretty fruit without spraying. (other than some dormant copper and some myclobutanil right at the start of the year)

At some point I plan to do a more comprehensive post on the results of my experience with the tree bags.

Early Golden plum inside bag… yes I should have thinned these more but too late now.


If you can wrap the net on the trunk of your tree, it would work. Otherwise, PC and OFM come up from the ground would already be inside the net.

Could you please show the pic of the whole tree.

I created a new thread just for the tree bagging idea.

I have cut down all my sweet cherries,peaches, and plums as well as my apples. I get more fruits from my citrus tree than all my temperate fruit trees combined. I am in zone 6microB.

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