Peach blossoms

Just wondering if some of you folks who grow multiple varieties of peach/nectarine can answer this question. How much variance can be expected in bloom time based on variety? I know location, amount of mulch around the base, etc. will affect when a tree wakes up, however, if conditions are the same how much variance is possible between varieties? A week, two weeks, a month? I kept a mericrest nectarine and blushing star in my garage all winter in whiskey barrels. When I took them out a month ago they looked exactly the same, now one is covered with blossoms ready to open any day while the other looks practically the same as it did a month ago, ( I’m pretty sure its alive though, all the wood is bright green). I also have in the ground Contender, Reliance, and Intrepid. Thanks

It is hard to say. In normal years, my snow queen nectarine will be about couple of weeks behind. It is located in North side of the build, so the temperature will be cooler. However, this year, it synchronized with rest of my July Elberta, Reliance peaches, all in first pink stage.

My Mericrest just opened a flower yesterday… I’d say most of the peaches/nectarines seem pretty close…Mericrest has been in a warm spot (south facing wall) vs the other trees that are exposed to north winds.

A lot depends on climate. In colder northern areas all fruits bloom more compactly and more nearly the same time. In warm winter areas very low chill fruits can bloom as early as Dec. While high chill varieties can be two months or more later, if they bloom at all. I had a two month span in nectarines outdoors this spring.

In my location: a lot.

Thanks for the input guys, I guess my trees that are not blooming yet must have had their buds damaged.

Don’t give up yet, My trees are just starting now, no leaves yet, no flowers yet. Looks like I have flower buds but a week ago I could not tell what bud was what. Today I can see some flower color, not on all though. I’m extremely happy I thought all were gone -16F here this year! Zone 5b here!

Thanks Drew, you know come to think of it, the only tree that is “awake” is the one I repotted, maybe that somehow got it ahead of all my other trees.

I kept a couple trees and blueberries in the garage and it is warmer in there, just slightly. Anyway they all broke early. Next year I’m putting them out sooner, before it becomes too warm in there.

From the very first bloom of the first blooming variety to the very last bloom of the latest blooming variety can vary a lot. We had our first bloom this year on 3-23. As of today there are still a few very last straggler blooms on a few trees.

However practically speaking there is about a week or so in variance most years b/t varieties in the main bloom of different varieties in my climate.