Peach doubles

Our earliest peaches (floridaprince) are sizing up already. We were out doing some finish up thinning today on this variety and ran into a few of these ultra doubles. My wife and I discussed it and decided that there are doubles, then there are these. We feel they need a special name. For us they are deemed “clusterf#%*s”. lol :confounded::yum:


Wow, the heat really does a number on those babies!! Don’t remember seeing that here at 100F.


So youve never seen quads like that Steven?

No, don’t believe I have. Plenty of doubles but no quads.

Some varieties seem to be more prone to double/3’s/4’s. And these quads more often than not tend to be on the ends of skinny fall growth shoots. The kind that really cant support any peaches anyway. The kind of growth that @Olpea just kinda rips off in his instructional video.

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We see some 5s some. My son said he once saw a 6.

I pulled my training video down because I forgot to talk about doubles (plus it wasn’t very well done).

If we get a crop this year, I’m going to try to do another.

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I must have missed your video before it got taken down. Would be interested to watch any and all instructional videos you might make now or in the future. I consider you one of our resident peach wizzards!


It was totally well done! Perfection is too high a standard Olpea! I learned a ton from it.

Best thing about @Olpea’s video Matt…the Sprint shirt. :slight_smile: Really tho its a excellent video. Olpea is being far too hard on himself.

Lol. I did look pretty goofy w/ the Sprint hat and shirt. I didn’t even realize I had those things on until after we filmed. Looked like a bad Sprint commercial :smile:

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I loved it! Honestly I dont think you realize how much people look up to you. It was a great video.


I came across a “multiple” today. This is the most peach multiple I think I’ve seen this far.


Yep thats what we call a cluster-f*@k. :slight_smile:


neat cluster. Now, let’s hear about that band-aid. My money is on grafting injury! :slight_smile:

It’s embarrassing cityman. I came close to pruning the end of my finger off. I should know better, but it’s easy to get in too much of a hurry risking dumb mistakes.


Fingers don’t develop laterals if you head them back so be careful!