Peach grafting weather?


I find stone fruits almost never push if there is not at least a partial take. Sometimes they push and then die, but when I take apart the graft in that case I see a partially calloused scion at least. Quick takes like this also are not common on most grafts, its only stone fruits that I ever get such quick takes and even there its not common – the conditions have to be just right. My apples I did over a week ago and they are still doing nothing.

Note that none of my peaches are doing anything yet, but pretty much all the plums are now showing signs of life.


So as far as difficulty for stone fruit is this accurate, from hardest to easiest?

Peach > apricot > cherry > plum (both types)


Yes, thats about right…


Checked a bunch of my grafts today, and found four of the peaches and one cot with growing buds. Following your experience, I will consider these successful :sunglasses:


Nice! My plums and apricots are really taking off but the peaches I am only seeing minute movement on a couple. I still am optimistic on them with the weather but I have gotten unpleasant surprises before with peach grafting. The peach stocks were less further along than they usually are for my grafts, only now are the peaches in full bloom. The plum/cot were well into full bloom when I grafted.

BTW this weekend looks like another potentially good peach window. I will probably use up the rest of the scionwood I have, maybe save one bit of each variety as a backup.


Weather still isn’t aligning for me here yet. I made some inquires to our local state extension, in hopes of finding out any useful information locally available but all I got back was to use summer budding. I just have to hope the weather comes out of this cold spell before my scionwood goes bad in the refrigerator. I did some bench grafting a few days ago and noticed I had been given some bad wood, nice on the outside, brown on the inside. Probably winter damaged and they didn’t know it.

I also inquired about callus temperatures but that wasn’t productive either. It seems we have more knowledge on this forum than some of the professionals in the industry. Let’s hope we can all mark peaches off our difficult list and add them to our easy list.


If scions store properly,it can last very long.I have a bag of scion that was forgotten in the back of top shelves of the refrigerator. Th cambium still green early this year. Of course I don’t think I will use them for grafting but store them till June should not be a difficult task.


@scottfsmith Does Friday look like a good peach grafting day to you?


Yup! My high is a bit less on Friday so I will probably graft Saturday. Given that it is cloudy I would prefer a touch warmer (80 high 65 low) to be absolutely ideal but its about as close as can be expected.

@ILParadiseFarm, I don’t think spring peach grafting was ever done commercially in the US. Peaches of NY for example in the early 1900’s says spring grafting is “most difficult” and all peaches are budded (or grown from root cuttings). Probably a few people tried it and got the conditions off one year and lost a lot of money. For this reason there is little information out there on how to succeed with spring grafting of peaches.


Non of my grafts are breaking the parafilm yet. I see some bud swell inside parafilm but not enough to break it. Any day now ! I hope.


How many layers of parafilm can they break through?


If it’s off my own trees, they can last through to the summer but when I get it from outside sources, they tend to be further along. This year is worse than in the past as I got a lot of wood from California.


Not sure. I always make sure there’s only one layer of parafilm right on the bud. When I wrap I only go over the bud once but go in between buds several times.


When do yo remove the Aluminum foil Scott? I’d think that when a bud starts showing tiny green growth, those tiny leaves need the sun to grow more.


Right, as soon as there is definite growth.

I see a tiny bit of movement on some peaches this evening. Hopefully I will see more soon.


Looks like it will be a while before I can attempt a graft here, but this thread sure has been helpful. Thank you!


Grafted Indian Free peach onto my Reliance peach today! I did two bud grafts as an experiment in addition to three cleft grafts - really liked bud grafts and might try to do more of them. If just one takes I will be happy. Weather is expected to be high 70’s and low 60s for the next three days.

As a side note, I have a ton of side shoots on my scaffolds. Do I need to thin them out at all?


I would strip all of those shoots flowers etc off, if you are not saving them they will just be competition. If you want to keep the base variety just keep a few buds in the appropriate spots. A couple shoots left lower down probably won’t be a problem but trees feed the healthy buds more than the half-there ones so your grafts have a chance of starving out if there is too much competition.

Here is one of my peaches from a week ago just barely budding out now:

I know this is a good one partly based on experience - its green and its coming right in the middle where the leaf bud is on a peach. Right now maybe 1/4th of my peaches are showing this kind of thing, a few are a bit further along than this one.

Note I am not showing this tree but this scaffold is competely stripped. The other scaffold I trimmed to about a foot of budding shoot total, I will probably graft that part over tomorrow and remove every single bud from it. It could be the graft would tolerate a bit more competition but I’ve lost too many things from competition. You can also have the problem with multiple grafts at the same time that one graft will out-compete the other. So in some cases your plan to add five varieties at once will end up being only three. For apples and plums this is usually not a problem but it can be a problem for peaches and persimmons amongst others.


That explains why two of my last year grafts grew only a few inches for the whole of last year. Neighboring branches grew a dozen or two.


One week later - I’m 0 for 11 as far as seeing any green buds. Not even the apples!!!