Peach or not

I bought a Encore Peach Tree whip from an el-cheapo mail order house. Most of the whip died so I cut it off at the last dead spot. I thought it was above the graft. The portion left started to grow and has nice leaves but they don’t look like peach tree leaves. Can someone confirm if this is a peach or what it really is?

I don’t know what it is but it certainly doesn’t look like a peach.

peach sure it is not, it seems pear tree (although the picture is poor, with low definition)

The leaves look like pear. Peach and pear they spell similar, some people may even do not know the difference :grinning:

I’d probably guess pear too, either that or some kind of ornamental bush/tree.

If the scion portion was really a peach, then the reason it died is because someone put it on some mislabeled/random rootstock. Nothing you could have done would have saved your Encore peach scion.

All I can say is that you will not be receiving an encore from this performance…


Thanks everyone for the replies. I have two pear trees and yes it matches the pear tree leaves. Oh well a few $$$ wasted. I will know better next time.

“El cheapo” should give you a credit towards the purchase of the correct tree next year.

I wasted $16 for two trees. It’s not worth it. Lessoned learned.

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