Peach planting and root trimming

I am about to plant a peach from Mehrabyan Nurseries. Great tree, quite nice but the rootstock is a bit circling/ center sprouts very close together. I think I should trim it before planting, one root off. The rest is the bulk of the roots, has lots of fine hairs, so I am not concerned about it. I am not sure if this cut should just be dried before it hits the soil, or if I need to put some tree prune paint on it? The root is Controller 5, obviously was grown from a cutting the way it was growing. I am going to be putting it in final position, not a nursery bed.

I’ve never had a peach tree suffer from girdling roots, when other trees like apples do, it involves circling around the crown just at the soil line, causing girdling unless the tissues join (which I can’t determine without clear symptoms). Bare root trees usually don’t develop them in the first place, as circling roots are usually created by the confinement of pots, or, apparently, from planting potted trees too deeply (maybe someone can explain to me how that works)…

No one uses tree paint for severed roots as far as I know. Such products are mostly pointless even for wounds above ground. There may be a few exceptions where something like Lac Balsam is used as a hopeful barrier for a known disease in a given region, but such products are not generally recommended as a useful treatment for pruning wounds.

Anyway, you may be over thinking it. The usual guidelines are just to prune injured roots back to healthy wood. However, if you don’t do this there probably won’t be any special consequences. Trees tend to be masters of self-defense when given a good environment to grow in. Worry about drainage and consistent water- peaches need a constant generous supply of moisture and oxygen and any disruption during the growing season seems to stunt them more than other species I grow. They are also relatively heavy feeders of nitrogen.

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Thanks- I am likely overthinking. I have the TreeKote for the tops of scions or on field grafts, have never used it other than that. The peach trees are the first that I have gotten as good trees, so I was unsure. The rootstock seems to have been in something, at least as a cutting, the ‘pot’ is still attached.
The others were unsuccessful big-box terribles I tried to nurse along.