Peach pros: Graft over vs plant whip - what makes more economic sense with a variety that you want to change?

Im small potatoes with my peaches; but i was just curious as to which method works better for yr professional bottom line if yr changing variety(ies) in a commercial setting . Is it to graft over (tedious?) or since peaches grow so fast just put in a new tree?

Could be wrong, but I think a lot of them graft over. I am planting in between so you can let the old continue to go until the new is ready to take over. The old tree is just that- old, and peaches don’t live long anyway. I have been removing stone fruits in favor of easier to manage fruits and that is the idea I am using on my small potatoes operation…Just a thought, but I am sure someone with more experience will chime in.


I recall seeing quite a few peaches topworked in Andy Marianis orchard. That is also what I do, top work until the stock declines. This year I will be moving several new trees from my nursery as the groundhog killed a couple trees this summer.

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The stone fruit is a headache isn’t it? :rofl:

Thats what i was wondering, bc even though the trees are shorter lived a stock that is still in its prime should push out fruit quicker (?)