Peach rootstock-new testing results

Ran across these results recently with some information I hadn’t seen before. Appears to be a very reliable source. Not so well organized information, but are a few quotes:

“Low survival rates by the end of the fifth season were recorded in AL for peach on Mirobac and Krymsk®1 rootstocks. Trees on Empyrean®2 also had low survival. Guardian®, Lovell, KV010-123 and BH-5 grafted trees had 100% survival.”
“Peach on Prunus americana continues to be the most productive dwarfing rootstock in a NC 140 trial in MA, equaling the per-tree productivity of standard rootstocks and producing fruit of comparable size.”
“In the 2009 Peach Rootstock trial, there were significant differences in tree size, survival, yields and yield efficiency among rootstocks within and across 13 locations. Generally, peach seedling rootstock cultivars were the most productive except in high pH soils where hybrids have performed better. Prunus persica and almond hybrids produced the most vigorous trees in all locations. Dwarfing rootstocks included Krymsk®1, Prunus americana and Controller 5. Tree mortality varied greatly with site, but plum species rootstocks, Imperial California, Mirobac, Tetra, and Krymsk®1 tended to have more tree death at some sites.”

I know there have been several topics related to rootstocks, but I didn’t see an exact match. However, if a moderator believes this would better go as a reply to one of them, it won’t hurt my feelings.

I never heard of some of those rootstocks like ‘Imperial California’ other common rootstocks don’t seem to be listed.

I guess there is a reason why commercial growers are so reluctant to try out a new rootstock.

I’ve came across some of this in my researching of peach rootstocks…
Nice to know about americana…ive got several peach buds grafted to a 3 yr old seedling

My belief is that this was a summary, and other rootstocks were in the trial, but not listed. I really didn’t like the organization of this report, and couldn’t find the detailed results, though they may be buried somewhere.

I think Krymsk rootstocks being from Russia would perform better in the north…

Because BuenOS sounds like it sucks (and having tried one didn’t wow and dazzle me)…i’m cutting off my tree and growing out the rootstock–Krymsk 86–r which is now impossible for the homeowner to find.

White Oak Nursery of Strasburg, PA has a phenomenal selection of peach cultivars on Krymsk-86 available via bare-root sale. Their 2016 catalog will be released in October. They do not have a website. You must call to request a copy.

White Oak Nursery
c/o Amos Fisher

If your call is not answered, they will call you back.

Good to know. I’ll check them out…Thanks. I couldn’t find anyone who carried them other then ACN with BuenOs.

I want to use Krymsk 86 under a multigrafted tree…plums/peaches/nectarines/apricots/pluots…i think they’ll all work. I was going to use Krymsk 1…but 86 sounds better for my purpose…we’ll see…

If you haven’t seen this, check it out…

I haven’t tried Black Ice but it does seem interesting. I know that Uw-River Falls guy is working on other things, but obviously it takes time and testing before they can be released.

I may be the most immoderate of moderators here but it puzzles me a bit at the effort of this program to encourage submissions into existing topics. If a topic has been dead for a while, why not just restart it under a different title? I can see how it would allow searches to lead to fewer topics but ultimately fewer topics wouldn’t speed the process of obtaining specific info much.

Prunus Americana-native wild plum- is used pretty exclusively as an understock for all asian, hybrid plums and peaches at FedcoTrees nursery here in Maine. Euro plums are on myrobalan.

I didn’t know that…have you tried any of them? I have a few peach grafted wild plum…but will have to wait until next year to see if they grow out. I know their is other research out there on Prunus Americana under peaches and i think their was some negatives…i’d have to dig it up again…some sort of rootstock research//not this one.

Cleaning out a cabinet i came across a Raintree order from spring 2009… Looks like my Puget Gold (which i’ve been using as a base for many of my grafts since i dislike the fruit) is on Krymsk 86…weird that Raintree switched (i think they put it on Lovell/other something different). My Puget Gold has done excellent while my other apricots (3 of them) all died (2 Tomcots and 1 Hunza)…