Peach rootstock?

Now I have made apple grafts and am comfortable making them. One of the things I am getting asked for is to graft peach.

Is there an analog to the antonovka (for a full sized tree), for peaches?

You should be able to use most rootstocks for a full sized peach- Lovell, Bailey, etc. As far as I know, only citation and Krymsk give any significant dwarfing.

St. Julian is dwarfing as a peach understock.

Depends on your soil. If you have loam or heavy clay, then I would recommend Lovell or Halford. They do well for me. They are actually grown from mass produced seed that usually comes “true to type.” In other words, they exhibit the characteristics of their parent. Citation, St. Julian, and the Krymsk stocks may be the exception; I believe they are cloned in stool beds. If I am mistaken, then I’ll let the experts correct me.

I am not googling Lovell peach (or stones). Any recommendations?


Peach rootstock can also be grown from pits. I just stratify untell most the shells crack, or you can just toss them in the ground and they will pop up over the next few years. Nemaguard worked well for me and is hardy to zone 5.

I did a few from the pits of locally grown trees and they are doing great. One is in my back yard and I have 3 varieties I successfully grafted onto it this past fall, so next spring for pruning to develop the new.

I have peach grafts on my hybrid plums and on a wild plum… may be a few years before i have any idea of how well they will do.