Peach seedling - natural dwarf?

I have a peach seedling grew from the pit this spring practically on the pathway. It was completely neglected, but survived the hot and dry weather and now is about a foot tall. The strange thing is -it is feathered like 2 years old tree. It is just miniature. I never saw peach seedlings before at the end of the first year season, does the size of it looks like normal tree or it may be it is a natural dwarf? Does it worse to save it to graft? I have no space for a new tree, but eventually I will need new peach as my getting old. If it is really miniature peach, I can pot it and dig the pot into the soil for winter in my garden bed, take it out in spring. I guess I can do it for couple of years until the old peach is gone…

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Anything is possible, but my guess is the appearance is a coincidence and more cultural than genetic. I wouldn’t get really invested in it, but there’s no harm in growing it out to see what it does.