Peach success in Zone 4a

Has anyone had success with peaches this year in zone 4a? Most peaches I have tried over the years have winter killed. This year I am trying a Siberian C peach, against my better judgment.


Have you try some good tasting peaches like Saturn, Winblo, Gold dust, Foster, or Carolina’s Gold in the pots and over Winter them in a garage. I think Rob had good success bringing them indoor for Winter protection.


I have a seedling nectarine that flowered and held a few fruit. South facing against the house. Wasn’t a cold winter but still i think we were near -20F a few times.

Obviously growing in pots raises your zone a couple levels… instead of -20F its more like 0F or so in the garage. Not many issues with that.

I think whatever you do, some type of protection is going to need to be given to get reliable fruit production. I have a few donut peaches in the ground which were in pots in the past, that i plan on covering somehow this fall…i’ll post on success/failure of my little scheme later. Of course snow is a great insulator, but tends to turn into ice after months and can snap branches…and of course voles and then rabbits can use that snow to their advantage.

Our garage gets below zero. I’ve put a thermometer in there to check. Also my better half won’t allow it, so any tree has to be outside, where it can reach -30F. or colder. So I am wondering if anyone has had success in recent years or if it is a total waste of time to even think of planting any more hardy peach trees.