Peach tree blossoming in fall!

It is November and my peach tree is blossoming!

I planted the tree in Spring and it went into dormancy during a hot summer. I live in Savannah, GA zone 8b.

Now it is fall and the tree started budding leaves and now blossoms. It came out of dormancy and thinks it is spring time.

I read that the tree will be fine, but may not have a peach crop in the spring.

What can I do to ensure a spring crop? Should I remove the blossoms and blossom buds?


There’s not much you can do. Removing the flowers won’t help. Removing any remaining flower buds is counter productive. The likely situation is that bloom is less than it looks like and there will be bloom left for next spring.

At any rate you can’t expect much of a crop on a tree that young.

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Ok thanks!
It had a very substantial crop a month or so after I planted the tree in the spring.
I will wait and see what happens