Peach Tree From Seed Leaf curl and weird shape

hey all
so i grew a few peach trees from seed, they were doing great until they got a little bigger and noticed the leaves are no longer long and healthy, they are curling and short stubby and round.
i did notice lots of little gnats flying around when i was growing these indoors, could they have gotten to the root and infected? i dont think these seeds were from an organic peach, but any help wold be appreciate it, i am still learning

Before I finished reading I thought to myself there’s not enough light for whatever it is he’s showing us he’s holding. Yeah, you gotta hang yellow, sticky insect traps, in-addition. I have them all over my basement cause I grow so much stuff.

Good luck. Get a stronger light or use the sun, my brother.


thannk you for the reply,so you think its light related and not sick due to root rot or pests?

At this time of year,Peach trees should be on their way to dormancy,turning color and going through abscisson.

but it seems as though it is struggling to grow and growing its leaves in weird shapes, does not look right

different angle

Could be something nutritional, I suppose.

As alluded to earlier, peach trees need to go through dormancy. All peaches have a chill requirement. This is not what’s going on right now, but it will affect the health of your seedling, if it doesn’t get some chill hours.

before planting the seeds, it was chilled in the fridge for over a month, my guess is the root system is botched or some other disease perhaps

The plant looks fairly young.Usually,they are at that stage in the Spring.
I’d slowly introduce some cold and being in zone 5,keep them in something like a garage,where the temps stay under 40F but not much below freezing.
Then,if growth resumes next year,hopefully the leaves will be typical.

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the curly foliage look like they were infested with aphids(which may be winged, possibly the ‘gnats’ you mentioned). If no aphids, then might be some other malady or environmental condition which others have mentioned
btw, with peaches, it’s best to grow them from seed in great numbers(of course, only if you have space), as the species seems to have high rates of duds. Virtually all popular cultivars are better grown on hardy rootstock, as opposed to growing on their own roots due to low tolerance to soil conditions/low resistance to pests/short clonal lifespans.

by germinating lots of seeds you’ll have the luxury–of probability there will be overperforming ones, so your attention gets diverted to the performers, and won’t have to stress so much about the sickly ones, which you won’t feel bad discarding.

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It should not be growing now. It’s time for leaf drop and dormancy. They need cold air.

im actually in California, i think that’s zone 8 to 9 if im not mistaking

thank you, im mostly just having fun and learning, not really shooting to achieve any trees anytime soon, i also did a 3 day time laps and in the video you can clearly see little flying gnats, could this be the issue?

Your info shows zone 5.

made changes, thx for informing me

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they didn’t appear to be aphids, and didn’t seem to be sapsucking bugs either, so not really sure what’s causing the leaf malady. Hopefully it is just a transient issue, that will disappear as spontaneously as it appeared…

btw, awesome time-lapse video!

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thank you, i will wait it out and see what happens,i see you have mulberry in your name, at the same time of planting these peach seedlings, i propagated some mulberry cuttings, cuttings are growing and leaves are now curling as well and seem to be struggling, here is a picture, could this be the same pest?

strong work on those mulbs! Cuttings may initially present with abnormal growth due to their deprived logistics. But those look healthy to me, taking into account having been recently rooted.
are those cuttings of illinois everbearing ?

well i have since potted these in cups with good drainage, and they are struggling and curling still after 3 weeks, could it be the cold weather, lack of sunlight, lack of humidity, lack of water, too much water etc. im glad i dont have kids, i dont seem to be a responsible parent :rofl:

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Probably has nothing to do with your curly leaves, but be aware that peach seeds have chill requirements, then when they sprout, the new seedling trees have chill requirements as well.

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