Peach Tree From Seed Leaf curl and weird shape

is there anything special i need to do or just let it be until next spring?

I think the curling will go away once you are able to plant it outside in the soil (if that’s your goal).

As mentioned peach trees need dormant chill hours to survive. The problem is that your seedling looks so young that it hasn’t hardened any of the stem tissue. My guess is that if you try to make the seedling go dormant now, it will probably kill it.

Maybe you can try to let it keep growing this winter and see how it does in the spring/summer with no chill. Then, if it survives, let it go dormant next winter.

I plant lots of peach seedlings to grow rootstocks to graft. I plant the peach pits in the fall. They sprout in the spring, grow all summer, and are ready to bud graft in the fall. This fall we got about 100 successfully budded peach trees, which is the most we’ve done.

Next time I’d recommend letting your peach pits sprout in the spring. That way they are on the natural schedule to get the chill hours when they need them.