Peach tree oozing at the growing tips & brown spotting on the stems (GA, USA / Unknown variety)

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Oozing is Oriental fruit moth, cut the affected tips and spray unaffected tips with insecticide.


Okay I’m not totally sure if it’s oozing or just some gel like substance. Does your statement still apply?

Also, there are browning and dying leaves wherever those tips have that gel.

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Yes, it is called flagging. There is a larva inside.

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You hit the nail on the head I believe. This mystery has been bothering me this whole year, but I never got around to asking about it until now.

This is also the first year I got into serious gardening. I guess I’m going to start having to spray chemicals on my trees. It’s really a surprise how they sell organic food for so cheap at the supermarkets. With all these problems that can occur, you would think supermarkets would charge more.

Thank you so much.

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You have half your answer, as Galinas correctly identified. The twig lesions on current season growth are most likely scab lesions. Common in areas which get decent summer rainfall, when no fungicides are sprayed.

Re: cheap organic food

Most organic food is grown in dry climates like California. Desert like climates reduce insect and disease pests for fruits and vegetables to an almost non-existent level.