Peach Tree Problem

Went to prune my trees yesterday in the warm weather we were having and noticed this sap coming out of my peach tree at the base, Any suggestions? Thanks.

The most common cause of that is peachtree borer. Dig up the sappy goo and look for brownish goo that looks like peach sap mixed with sawdust - if you find that it means you almost certainly have peachtree borers. and you need to look for their hole and poke them to death.

Use a wire cut from a cloth hanger (the cheap ones from a dry cleaner) is the most convenience “stabbing weapon” for me.

I dug down about 5 inches around the base of the trees and the first tree I didn’t find anything that really tells me it is a borer but all signs point to it, The second tree I did find 1 borer at least I’m almost sure it was, I’m going to go in town now to get some Triazicide which I saw on another post that was recommended.

Here is another picture where it looks like something was eating it.

Jimmy56, I don’t know if you spray but I use Triazacide wiht NuFilm or sticker of your choice, on the base of the trunks of all of my trees. I use it because I lost a beautiful Bavay Plum and an Arctic Jay nectarine to borers. Two sprays a summer seems to take care of borers for me

mrsg47, Thanks but I just now got done spraying with Triazacide after going to 3 stores to find it, Sure wish I knew about the sticker before but I will make sure I use it on my apple trees, Now that I sprayed should I but some kind of sealer on the base of the tree before I cover it back up with soil?

Forgot to get a sealer, If I use any would it be ok to use a spray can of high temp Rust-Oleum since I already have some?

I wouldn’t spray rust-o-leum. I only use triaz. and immunox with a sticker on the trunks. You might consider painting your trunks. There is a recipe here in this forum. Look up trunk painting in search.

I spray my trees with Spectracide Pruning Sealer. It works great
for this type of application.

After looking through all my junk I did find some sealer in a can, mrsg, when do you put the second spray on?