Peach Tree Struggling - How to Proceed?

I planted this Elberta peach tree 4 months ago. It grew leaves very quickly and seemed to be taking well to the transplant until a month ago. June bugs have been eating the leaves at night and hiding in the day leading to a late diagnosis of the bites. Recently, it’s been stalling in growth and looking kinda sad and droopy, with some leaves yellowing and falling off.

I planted this tree on a whim without doing any sort of research, so I have two pretty serious conditions going against its wellbeing: its max zone is 9 and it’s planted in zone 10a, and it only gets half-sun. Considering all of this, should I just call it quits and leave it be? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Bite marks:

Looks fine to me. You can’t really expect much the first year as it settles in.

The partial shade might work for the benefit of the tree since you are in a warmer zone. The warmer zone might not give you enough chill hours to produce fruit though. Hopefully more experienced members will have more advice for you