Peach tree?

What is this and how do I get rid of it? It is on most of the leaves of the same trees I posted earlier. Thanks

One more pic.

Peach leaf curl. You need to spray during the dormant period before bud swell. Spraying now won’t help. But do dispose of fallen infected leaves.

It’s Peach Leaf Curl and has to be dealt with between Fall and before the new leaves start growing in Spring,either by spraying fungicides,Copper or Chlorothalonil,or another way which may be more difficult,is to keep the rain off the tree during late Winter/early Spring,before leaf growth. Brady

Thank you. Will it affect any other trees? Is it just better to dispose of the trees (there are 2 of them) ? I’d rather replace them .
How do the trees get this? They didn’t have it last fall!
We’ve had a lot of rain here in NEOK and expecting more.

I’ve sure learned a lesson. Don’t buy trees from a Resort greenhouse!!!

As far as I know it will only affect peaches. Not sure I’d blame the greenhouse–unless they sold you the trees saying that they were PLC resistant. All peaches except a few are very vulnerable to this. I had big problems with it and now I get my peach trees sprayed with copper, which has really eliminated 99% of the problem. If you dispose of the trees and get new peach trees you will likely have the same problem unless you plant trees that are known to be resistant. I"m no expert though–you orchardists feel free to correct me!


That is too harsh. There is no proof that your nursery did anything wrong.

the cure is simple, the trees will be ok.


Spray and you’ll be fine. There are resistant varieties if you don’t want to spray. It’s not the nurseries fault. As you say it didn’t have it last fall so whoever got it thru last winter sprayed or didn’t have a wet spring. There are a thousand posts on line about this and dozens of university writeups about life cycle and management.

Nectarines get it also but not the other stone fruits.

It isn’t a nursery it is a Resort here that is just a small greenhouse ran
by the residents of the resort. I also bought 2 weeping willow trees from
them at the same time and the had bugs so I threw them away. The tree went
through last winter here in my yard.
I will try to keep them and spray in the fall. They sure look ugly!! LOL
Thanks for your help and encouragement

One question I’ve always had about peach leaf curl…does it help to remove all the leaves that show even the slightest infection. If you remove them early on, will that slow down or prevent reinfection on the same tree?

I’d just pick up the fallen ones. Those on the tree are still of value producing food for tree and fruit. Get the proper spray material and spray at the right time. That’s all that’s needed.

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Ditto fruitnut. I believe that UCDavis or some other ag program did a study showing that stripping the leaves off the tree did not help. I’ll try to find it. It’s hard not too, though, they look so truly sickly that you want to erase them from the face of the earth!