Peach trees leaves yellowing and dropping

Help! I am in the mid south. I have seven peach trees. All have fruited this spring and fourt have started dropping their leaves. The leaves first turned yellow then started dropping. Is have been spraying in a timely way according to the local extension service. Any ideas as to what is happening?

It would help if you supplied more information. If you could post pictures of the leaves that would be helpful. Having pictures of unaffected leaves, leaves that have just started to yellow and fully yellowed leaves would be great. What kind of soil are the trees in sandy, loam or clay? If you know the rootstocks the trees are on that could help as well. Also have you had heavy rains or saturated soil under the trees?

It’s usually insufficient water, here.

Here’s an article that actually is simply written for the homeowner that is incredibly correct for the first 1/4 I read of it, anyway, for a non-professional gardening writer of sorts: