Peach trees

wondered what is happening to the blossoms
this year! leaves came on just fine and the blossom buds started but didnt open.
I also have a reddish bubbly appearance on the leaves
well, this years fruit harvest is a complete bust,.
late,cold spring. Then, two killing frosts in May put an end to the buds. Now, weve have no rain, and hot weather. I lost 2 teees, a honeycrisp as well as a Peach. The pear that was dolng so well last year, has maybe 5 fruits.
Not a very good start for the season.

What variety of your peach? Some are bud hardier than others. Growing peaches in zone 5 is iffy to begin with.

The bubbly reddish leaves are probably caused by a peach leave curl disease.

When we had late freeze in May twice, only peach varieties with hardy buds have survived, flowered and fruit for me.

If your trees are not yet well established, a drought even a mini one could stunt the growth or kill them. How old were the trees that died?


I second that zone 5 peach tree productivity is a combination of good luck with weather, and good planning. Planting trees that can tolerate cold is a must. This year I had 4 inches of snow fall on the peach bloom, as well as temps down to 28°F. Some of the more open blooma died but all in popcorn stage and younger survived.

My varieties that do best here are Veteran, Reliance and Saturn flat peach.