Peaches, Experimenting with reducing spraying

Don’t touch it if it’s not broken, come to mind. I think most folks strive to have a minimum number of sprays to get a decent fruit crop.

Our three Red Haven peaches produced with out any OFM last year. I was spraying every 10-14 days. The mix was/is Trazicide and Captan with a sticker. That is a lot of sprays and want to try using less and still get a decent crop.

My first thought is to keep spraying 1 of the 3 trees as in the past. Spray 1 tree at 50% the past frequency. Last tree, first 3 sprays and stop.

Does this sound like a sound experiment? Or would an outbreak of OFM on the tree with minimum protection just drive all the trees to have poor results.?

One other experiment option is to just reduce spraying “some” for all tree trees.