Peaches on K1

From time to time there is some interest in vigor controlled rootstocks for peaches.

I have a Harrow Diamond peach on K1 from Cummins I planted in 2013.

It is conferring significant size limitation. Actually, it’s kind of nice not to hardly have to prune this tree. Pruning takes a lot of time.

I have lots of other Harrow Diamond trees in this row, which are copes of this original tree I ordered.

I’ve noticed the HD on K1 bloomed later than the others.

I don’t know some of the issues like how drought tolerant K1 is (probably not very ) or if it suckers (like most plum rootstocks probably will) but it’s a nice size controlling rootstock so far, if that is what you are looking for.

I had a peach on K 86 but it died for no reason (incompatible? )

I’m going to try to post a few pics from my phone of trunk size.

Here is the K1 planted in 2013

Here is an hd planted on standard a year later 2014.

Here’s another peach tree, Sentry (piece of junk) planted the same year as the HD on K1 ( 2013).

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K1 doesn’t sucker, at least not that I’ve seen. But it can sprout from buds low on the stem. It’s recommended to debud the stem prior to planting. I haven’t had much success the few times I’ve tried that.

Good information. I have 5 k1 rootstock (growing a ton right now after planting them last spring) and 2 k86 (that i cut off the top to force the roostock, which both have done). I plan on grafting peaches/plums/etc to a few of them and see what i can figure out.

For what i understand, they ( might not be compatible with all peaches.