Pear Blight Report

I thought last year’s blight storm bypassed my pears until I looked closer today.

100% blighted: Harrow Sweet
80% blighted: surprisingly Potomac.
UPDATE: Potomac does NOT have blight, but only disfigured bark from “enlarging bark” in branches being torqued by high wind. Potomac remains blight resistant here. Disregard my previous misdiagnosis.
Clean as a whistle: Magness, Warren, Imp Kieffer, Blakes Pride, Korean Giant

All these are pruned open, full sun, excellent wind/air.



It was a bad year for fireblight everywhere.

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i guess. the harrow series supposed to be highly blight resistant.



Harrow sweet is twice as resistant as harrow delight. Years passed i had no problems with it and then i did!


I saw zero blight symptoms on Potomac leaves last year but the bark on major branches today has lots of lesions and cracking, fissuring with blackening. Not the classic sunken black oval canker I’m very familiar with. Have other growers had trouble with Potomac?


i just put in a harrow sweet last spring. with our warmer, wetter summers im banking on more diseases in the near future. hopefully it holds up. its on a slight hill with 100% sun and exposure to the prevailing winds so hopefully it won’t get it there.

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Potomac’s blight susceptibility really surprises me. It’s clearly not as resistant as the older Warren, Magness, Kieffer here in my orchard. I lost my two major pollinators to blight- Potomac and Harrow Sweet.

Now have to rely on one branch of Korean Giant and one branch of Blakes Pride to pollinate both Magness and Warren.

Update: My Potomac did NOT have blight but only harmless bark fissures/flakes from growth and wind torque.


Sure is nice to hear about a fireblight happy ending once in a long while!