Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit


Ok, thanks. I’ll try to get some pics of them so you can see if I’m wishfully thinking here…


OK here are some pics. Most of them look pointy, so leaf buds, I guess? I apologize for the blurry shots.


Here’s my 5 in 1 Asian Pear tree. Just Hosui has broken dormancy so far. It’s been fireblight weather last few weeks though. :sweat:


I have what I think is an Orient pear that is in full bloom. I have a Moonglow that has buds that are still small. The bloom time isn’t going to match, is it? I have another pear that I don’t have a clue what it is that doesn’t look like it will bloom this year. What kind of pear tree do I need to pollinate with the Moonglow?



Look at that land!


They are leaf buds but I can’t tell for sure about picture #2 it could be a flower. Can you get a better picture of that one? I have a 10 year old pear that just has one flower bud this year. They teach us a lesson in patience at times! You can see that loan flower bud in my picture below. Flower buds can be hard to photograph with a smart phone… I’m not sure what kind of pear it is the wood has a red tint. It could be Atlantic Queen or a variety of others. The tags were damaged that year.


Thanks, if I can remember which tree it’s from, I’ll try to get another pic with my good camera. You’re right, it’s tough getting good close-up pics outside with a smart phone.

But, looking at it, I think it’s my Orient pear, which was planted two years ago. It’s nowhere as big as the other two year pears, the Moonglow and Pineapple. It seemed to really pick up steam last year, so hope it takes off this season.


Will Kieffer provide pollen for a Moonglow?


From what I just read, yes a Kieffer can pollinate a MG.


I read that in one place but nearly every other place names a bunch of pears that I don’t have and I don’t know if they will grow here. Everything I read says Bartlett but that’s a no-no where I live (and someone should tell Walmart because that is the only thing they are selling!!!)


Which pears do you have, other than Orient and Moonglow, and Kieffer (not sure you have this one?).


I have an Orient (I think, from the fruit) that was sold to me as a Kieffer. I have another that was sold to me as Orient but although it hasn’t fruited it’s characteristics are much different to the one I’m sure is Orient. And I have a Moonglow…maybe… it’s about to bloom but my Orient may be past bloom before the blooms open on the Moonglow. So I’m struggling with bloom times. We picked up a Kieffer today from Lowe’s and they have a better reputation than most at getting the labels right. It has a label as having been grown a few miles from here.


My Kieffer blooms ahead of Moonglow. A better match at my location is Harrow Sweet, Ayers, Korean Giant, and Moonglow.


Sounds like you should’ve paid extra for the labels! How confusing.

Well, the fruit of Orient and Kieffer and /or Moonglow are quite different, from what I’ve seen.

Getting a Kieffer ought to help with pollinating the others, I’d reckon.


Orient, Kieffer, and Hood all bloom early and at about the the same time.


Kinda what I thought might happen. The Kieffer we bought has leaves… :persevere::persevere::persevere:

I would like to have an Ayers but I might just graft it next year with a pollinator. Sometimes you can find Ayers here but not that often. I’m done with paying postage this year!!


Yeah, Ayers are harder to find. But, I have seen them at Lowe’s.

We have five pears, the other two are Harrow Sweet and Maxine (aka Starking Delicious), so I think we’re covered as far as pollinators are concerned. My three bigger pears are waking up, as seen above, but the apples are still slumbering.

Funny thing, I’m not a big fan of pears, but the Mrs is. I do like Maxine, we got some at a local orchard, and they were sweet, firm, but not gritty, so I said we gotta get one of those. We canned some of them last couple of years and they look very nice in the jars.

Our tree is from Stark’s, called a Starking Delicious. From the stuff I’ve read, it’s the same as a Maxine, so hope they’re right about that.


Some pics of the Maxine pears we’ve canned, from a canning thread on this forum:




Ayers takes a little time to fruit. Kieffer, Douglas, Duchess etc produce twice as fast as Ayers. Some pears fruit the next year after I graft them. Here is farmingdale I grafted last year which has flower buds


I have an Ayers I could send you wood from next year. I bend and prune (waterspouts) a lot to continue to form its framework, so I can send lots :slight_smile: I have Moonglow as its partner, too.

I don’t summer prune them. I’m incredibly afraid of fireblight, lol. So any waterspouts come off in dormant season.