Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit


Bet they will be better this year!


They are that general sand pear hybrid class of pears which I can tell by the leaves. They are to squat & bell shaped for kieffer. Great looking pears!
This is improved kieffer which ripens in July - August depending on the weather.They are similar but not the same. Notice kieffer are more roundish and lack neck definition. 3025B235-90D3-40CA-979A-45344B86D968208A1190-F11B-48A5-83F4-D558DFE1611DE211DAC8-A9D6-4824-9D3C-446FC4D9C355BA15CE4C-37E7-4680-A52B-0D589221461F


Those leaves look like what I have on my Orient tree, but I won’t be getting any fruit this year, still too small.

I thought this variety was more roundish, like an Asian pear. I think @auburn grows this pear, although I don’t know if it’s fruited for him yet.


The tree was definitely mislabeled and the box stores here only carry about 3-4 varieties. It ripened last year about the same time as @Auburn Orient. They are a bit grainy but not as much as a Kieffer. They taste good off the tree but get better with a bit of counter time. I like them whatever they are.



The red Bartlett are still loaded with bushels of pears. Had a few drops but it appears to be an excellent crop of pears!


Wow! What a massive tree. I’m hoping for trees about 2/3 that size. Do you know how old it is?


Thank you I planted it many years ago. Full size trees take a lot of time to produce.


Well. That tree is beautiful! Best of luck with your crop.


Oooh. Red Bartlett is a fav!


I had one of the main branches to break on Goldenboy last week. I picked five gallons of pears off of it. The pears were already pretty sweet and ripened up OK. They would have been better had the limb not broken, and I waited a while to pick the pears off of it. It’s making wonderful pearsauce. Anyway, here in a photo of pears being washed about to be processed into pearsauce.


This fell off in my hand when I raised it up yesterday. Sure seems early…

It’s very hot and dry here.



I always love the pear tree close ups. Great job.


It still needs to finish turning inside but it’s ripe. Looks great!


How old is your red bartlet @clarkinks?


I think my tree is around 15+ years old though I can’t remember exactly. It may be over 20 years old.


I posted this on my FB Page on Sunday.

I picked the LeConte pears yesterday. In all I got about five gallons of them. That’s not bad considering how small the about 7 ft tree is. The pears are huge and really high quality. Of the pear varieties that we can get locally in Statesboro GA, this is the one I most strongly recommend to people who want a soft pear for fresh eating. If you leave them on the tree until they are totally yellow, they never really get soft, but they take on the texture and flavor of a slightly overripe yellow delicious apple. If you pick them when they first snap off easily they will soften into the perfect soft pear.


Beautiful pears! You’ve been blessed with an abundant harvest this year.


I’ve never grown Pears before and am getting some on a few grafts,added to a Callery,a couple of years ago.
Is it a good idea to protect them?There are Squirrels and Crows around.If so,what’s a good way?
Also,if any of the fruit make it to full edible stage,is it best to refrigerate them for awhile or does that depend on variety? Thanks,Brady


Nice pears I hope they do well for you. It is always best to protect them if you don’t want to lose them but most things don’t mess with pears. Not all pears need refrigeration but it won’t hurt to refrigerate them.


Still lots of time to go to ripen these pears this year. With an extra month of winter & around 6 inches of moisture for the year these pears are still doing fine. Pears are extremely tough trees. The pears will likely be half the normal size. This is normal size


Red Bartlett

Improved kieffer


Drippin Honey

Korean Giant

Harrow sweet

Small yellow

Harrow delight