Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit


I grafted Seckle pear onto my Bartlett pear last year. One of the grafts has flowered this year. From my understanding, seckle pears can take a long time to start flowering, so this is exciting! I’ll try and get a picture soon.


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Nice photos, mine dropped its flowers but it will be flowering more next year.

Here is my Ayers fruitlets, do they look correct so far?


These are some photos of Euro Pears grafted onto Callery a few years ago.I had a very nice tasting fruit last year.Maybe a Harrow Sweet.

Also a multi-graft Asian Pear tree that originally was a Chojuro/Drippin’ Honey,but the DH branch died.Last year all the flowers were killed,probably by fire blight. Fertilome Fire Blight Spray and Sulfur for Blister mites is going to be applied.
One of the grafts is Korean Giant,that I’m eager to


Yes the look perfect @Derby42. Very nice @Bradybb!


The infamous magness and sibling warren! You can see why so many people think they are the same variety!




Karls favorite aka ewart

Improved kieffer

Duchess D’Angoulme & Improved kieffer


Maxine, seckel, potomac. My seckle always bears on the tips of the branches.


Thank you, any recommendations on pears?


Thank you @mamuang! Any recommendations on pears? Thanks


I live pretty far North of you, and am new to pears myself. @clarkinks seems to suggest the harrow pears pretty regularly.


You are in zone 8 a warmer zone. Maybe, @Auburn and @coolmantoole can help you with recommendation. I don’t know much about warmer zone pear varieties.

Whan you read someone’s and like to call to that person’s attention, use a symbol @+ their handle name. They will be notified.

For example, @clarkinks. I am calling attention to Clark in KS who knows a great deal about pears.


I really have to give credit to the other admins such as @alan, @scottfsmith, @Olpea, and @fruitnut. Many of my tricks on growing pears or other fruits better i learned from them. @mamuang is very knowledable about fruit growing and has a great collection of pears, cherries and a host of other delicious fruits! My pear collection is extensive but my knowledge on apples, cherries , apricots, peaches etc leaves something to be desired. Originally Alan and Olpea were the ones who convinced me to grow harrow pears. Scott introduced me to many rare obscure pears . Fruitnut has showed me some great fruit growing methods. Mamuang and I regularly share pear tips!


I highly doubt that you can rely on your climate staying zone 8a, Most years they say that we are zone 7b, the last 9 years I have watched the climate here be a roller coaster of zone 7a to 8b. I live in North Carolina. In the last 9 years we have seen 3 degrees Fahrenheit twice. and 16 to 18 degrees Fahrenheit twice.


My favorites so far are LeConte Goldenboy, Baldwin and Granny Durden. Oh, and I think I’m really going to like Acres Home. There are others in my collection that haven’t matured and produced, so I only know them by reputation.

God bless.



Unfortunately, I did not get photos of the buds or the flowers this year, yet I estimate that there were about 6 groups of blossoms on our ‘Honey Sweet’ pear tree this year, about 4 or 5 flowers per group. Hopefully some of the remains of the blooms like the following turn in to unaborted pears this year


Thank you @Katie_didnt_Z4b , @mamuang , @clarkkins and @coolmantole for your comments. I have some pears that a neighbor that works on a nursery give them to me but some come with out tags and the ones they had tags got ripped off on a storm that we had so I couldn’t tell what they ware. One of them broke off right at the grafted joint, I might try to get a scion to graft it there otherwise I’m just going to get rid of the rootstock and at some point get one of the ones you recommend to me.


@alanmercieca I know what you mean but that’s the only source of we have to go by when it comes to find plants that are hardy to our climate (usda zone) otherwise it’s a risk to buy plants with out checking the hardiness zone. We used to get about 12 inches of snow every year but now we’re lucky to see just a dust.


What’s an improved Kieffer? A kieffer that’s been grafted to something else? :slight_smile:


Its a variety of pear like kieffer but ripens earlier and is thought to have several other improvements eg. Bloom hardiness, fruit tree hardiness, fireblight etc.