Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit


Very nice pears but as you know that bottom picture is an apple.


Thanks, yeah, I’m fighting my phone to load the right pics.


Are pears as susceptible to plum curculio and coddling moth as apples? I’m asking because on some of my tiny apple fruitlets on my trees and the old ones around the farm look like they’ve already had a few hits. A very few on some of the wild plum fruitlets.

I have some Surround on the way, so want to head this off before it gets too bad. Fortunately it’s been pretty cool so the insects haven’t been too bad yet, but I know I’m on borrowed time.

I have Spinosad and Bonide turbo sticker now, and was wondering if spraying that combo now would work. I don’t know how Spinosad does against PC, from what I’ve read it works better on coddling moth and OFM. Are these the correct assumptions?


PC get crushed typically as pears form. The PC may leave a scar but they are barking up the wrong tree with pears. Coddling moth come later typically. Its my opinion that pears dont have as many pest issues as apples. Updated pear picture looks great now! Your foliage and fruit is very clean!


Pretty, arent they? Wait until they get big enough to turn.


Thanks. Do you protect from coddling moth, and if so, what do you use? I guess I could use surround/spinosad or spinosad/sticker for that reason? I don’t want to leave my fruit unprotected, even though there’s probably not more than ten pears that have set.

@mrsg47, yes, they are nice to finally see, but anything can happen as they ripen. I’ll take some pics over time to see how they change.


Pests are not a problem on my pears at this time but they sure can be at some locations. If they become a problem again i will spray them then.


Ok, thanks. We are in two pretty different locations, so our pests and climate is going to vary quite a bit.

Are there any other folks who have a similar conditions to mine that could answer my questions about pest and disease control on pears? I’ve read @scottfsmith 's spray guide but am a but fuzzy on pears. While I’m waiting on my surround to come in, would spinosad/sticker be sufficient for now? And then add Surround later? Same question for apples and plums. From what I’ve read on here, I do know you’re not supposed to mix sticker and surround together. Thanks.


If you dont have pc you dont need surround so much… spinosad will be the main thing. I have problems with curculio on my pears partly because everything else is surround coated so anything not coated they will go after.


Some of my pears get a curc hit here or there but are crushed as the pear grows.


Thanks. Is surround your main deterrent against PC? Other than that, is there a specific chemical you use for it?

Well, I have already seen strikes on some apple fruitlets already, they look like the crescent shaped scar that PC causes. Is my idea of spinosad with sticker now and surround later this week a sound one on all my tree fruitlets?


Sure, but realize its not going to do anything to PC. They just laugh at spinosad. It will help with moths though.


Apparently PC is all about timing and their preference. My plums are damaged but i dont lose pears to them . I think this article describes why pc have not been an issue on my pears Apples are something else. The article discusses treatments for the pests mentioned.


I get PC badly on plums and peaches, and this has worked great as a curative spray:

@subdood_ky_z6b this is a systemic neonic (imidocloprid) but I use the spray to try to just get the fruit, not all the leaves. I don’t spray until they hit and can spread the sprays way out with this choice. Just one suggestion :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m also looking into a Pyrethrin or Permethrin type spray as well. Bonide’s Eight spray uses the latter, I believe, just got to make sure no bees are around when spraying.

PC hit my wild plum hard last year, too. In a short time, a lot of them were exuding a clear ooze, which I assumed was from PC. Most of the fruit dropped, and the ones that didn’t didn’t ripen properly.

I may just have to use it once this spring, as PC usually only has one generation here in KY, according to UK’s ag folks. After that, I can switch back to spinosad for OFM and coddling moth.


What a dreary day, fog hasn’t lifted BUT looks like my Colette may bloom this spring. Last July was it’s first blossom (Colette is “everbearing” and reblooms during the season). This will be it’s 9th season. Hoping it doesn’t bloom too soon…


Crop is looking fantastic!


starkhardy giant and 20th century Asian pear , finally


To my eyes, pear flowers look the same, for the most part.

Today, I walked around my Hosui pear tree and realized that Kosui’s flowers (grafted on Hosui) looked different with double layers of petals.
They are pretty.


And double layered Kosui