Pear Espalier: How Close to Brick Wall to Plant?

A friend has planted his espaliered Bosc pear about three inches from masonry wall and foundation. Isn’t this certain to cause a problem in a few years for both trunk and wall? It looks to me like he should move it out farther from the wall. Who has experience planting espaliers close to masonry?

Very little experience here, but when I was researching it a few years ago for a planting against the house I believe 6-9 was the min recommended.

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Three inches from the wall is kinda close; more because it will interfere with good airflow than anything else I can think of, although I have seen many photos with an espalier hugging the wall.

In late spring summer and fall when the tree is fully leafed out the promimity to the wall might create a very damp and stagnant environment between the scaffold/s/tiers and the wall. Maybe more separation between the scaffolds/tiers (24-30" instead of the usual 15"-18" might help aleviate the issue.

I don’t know enough to speak to the root vs. foundation issue.


Thanks. I got a reply from Jim Cummins saying if the rootstock is quince it’s not very aggressive so both wall and pear should be ok. My friend still has the problem that both his pears are Bosc, highly susceptible to blight, and he has no pollinator. Other than that… (smile)